For 50 years, Restoration has been Central Brooklyn’s anchor institution. Not only does Restoration hold the distinction of being the first community development corporation (CDC) in the country, it is the leading CDC to intentionally employ the arts to influence personal financial mobility and community vitality. Its Board of Directors recently embarked on a strategic plan, with The Whelan Group (TWG). We engaged board members, staff, and stakeholders to focus on closing the racial wealth gap. Restoration’s new agenda will advance personal wealth creation and accumulate retained earnings for small businesses and net assets for nonprofits. Based on existing programming, Restoration will create four centers of excellence, housed in the iconic Restoration Plaza, each with a unique portfolio: (1) Center for Personal Financial Health, aimed at individual wealth-building capacity; (2) RestorationART, one of Brooklyn’s leading cultural destinations for world class performing and visual arts. (3) Center for Community Asset Building, designed to build new community assets; (4) Center for Social Entrepreneurship and Enterprise, a Plaza-based entrepreneurship hub; TWG is proud to have helped Restoration close the racial wealth gap by re-imagining the CDC model.