For the past 15 years, EcoMedia has successfully harnessed the power of advertising and channeled it into tangible social change. Acquired by CBS in 2010, EcoMedia’s product offerings—the EducationAd, WellnessAd, EcoAd, and Viewers to Volunteers (V2V)—are built around a model that channels millions of dollars from corporate advertising budgets to nonprofit organizations across the country. TWG was first retained by EcoMedia to create a business plan and strategy to replicate EcoAds in the education and health and wellness spacesThe resulting programs—Education Ads and Wellness Ads—were recognized in 2013 by the prestigious Edison Awards, as entrepreneurial civic contributions with significant social impact. EcoMedia then retained TWG to coordinate and engage a group of nonprofit partners who were invited to participate in the pilot stage of EcoMedia’s innovative V2V digital platform. V2V is an innovative “App” designed to engage consumers in a digital journey that highlights corporate brands while directing advertising dollars to the causes that consumers care about.