An entrepreneurial kindergarten through eighth grade charter school located in Hoboken, New Jersey, Hoboken Dual Language Charter School (HoLa) offers a dual language (Spanish/English) curriculum that seeks to foster a culture of academic success and nurture the social-emotional and personal development of each child. Integral to HoLa’s success is its ability to offer value-added programming beyond the traditional curriculum. TWG was retained by HoLa to develop a fundraising arm for the school, a new entity called The Friends of Hoboken Dual Language Charter SchoolTWG drafted the incorporation and by-law documents, and developed a tenyear operating and financial plan to guide the school’s growth and development, including investments in discrete studentcentered programs and activities that add depth to the core curriculum.  TWG also identified the private resources that must be raised to fulfill the school’s vision. While HoLa currently rents its facility, ultimately the goal is to assemble the resources needed to acquire and develop their own school building.