New Yorkers for Parks (NY4P) is a 100-year old champion of quality parks and open spaces.  NY4P is renowned for its research, partnerships, and the post-9/11 Daffodil Project, aimed at ensuring that NYC parks, gardens, and open spaces are equitably distributed and well-cared for. With a new Executive Director seeking more growth and visibility, NY4P brought in The Whelan Group (TWG) for its first Business Plan. Our process relied on interviews, research, and close work with a Board-driven committee. TWG examined core operations, assessed current programs, prepared financial forecasts, and reviewed the entity’s governance structure and policies. We identified a highly focused set of initiatives: (1) become the convener of parks/open space advocates and an effective presence in public policy decision-making, (2) re-focused programs, services, and staffing towards more effective community outreach, engagement, research, and evidence-based advocacy, (3) more effective strategies for resource development and Board governance, and (4) a financial plan for ambitious, achievable growth.