Red Stone Equity Partners, LLC (“Red Stone Equity”) is a leading real estate investment firm specializing in the syndication of Housing Tax Credits and Renewable Energy Tax Credits to facilitate the development of affordable multifamily rental housing and renewable energy projects, respectively. Red Stone Equity builds upon long-lasting relationships with investors and developers as it acquires, structures, and provides long-term fund and asset management services to its clients. Red Stone Equity has partnered with 40 nonprofit organizations on 73 projects totaling over $700 million in equity and the production and/or preservation of nearly 5,500 housing units. Project sizes range from small to mid-size projects of 21 units to larger developments with over 200 units. These projects have spanned across 20 states, including new construction, rehabilitations and historic rehabilitations and served families, special needs and senior communities. Red Stone Equity is headquartered in Cleveland with regional offices in Boston, Charlotte, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York.