We help mission-driven organizations foster strategic growth and stimulate programmatic innovation. Through our campaign management and fundraising services, we help organizations strengthen their endowment and build reserves, which positions them for long-term sustainability.  Our institution-building approach focuses on developing stronger, more effective nonprofits that demonstrate clear and measureable impacts in the communities they serve.

Through our comprehensive approach to strategic and business planning, we help organizations expand the reach of their work, launch new initiatives, and evaluate their need for new or enhanced facilities. We work collaboratively with board members, management, staff and other stakeholders to develop a well-defined plan that charts the trajectory of each nonprofit’s growth. We help our clients build consensus around their organization’s goals and strategic direction, collaborate to conceive of the most effective way to design and deliver their core programs and services, and make recommendations on how best to install tactical and innovative fundraising and other revenue enhancement strategies. As part of each strategic plan, we develop a comprehensive financial projection, which provides a multi-year financial context for the client’s mission and vision. The strategic plan concludes with a step-by-step road map—complete with tactics and timelines—for converting the plan’s priorities into action and thereby achieving the organization’s vision for the future.

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Our campaign management services are tailored to enable a nonprofit organization to underwrite its strategic priorities through financially sustainable means. We offer a range of services, including conducting campaign readiness and feasibility studies; drafting fundraising master plans; designing and supporting the implementation of major campaigns; and executing stand-alone fundraising programs (e.g., Special Initiative Appeals, Leadership Giving, Corporate Partnership Programs, and Planned Giving).  We also provide strategic fundraising counsel for nonprofit executives and voluntary leaders who are contemplating the merits of a major campaign for their organization. Whatever the nature of our involvement, our objectives remain the same: to achieve the campaign’s financial goal and build each nonprofit’s internal fundraising capacity—to ensure that the “engine” is in place to support a high performing fundraising program well after the current initiative has come to an end.

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Campaign Management

Our campaign management services are tailored to the specific needs and goals of your organization. Whether you are in a campaign, thinking about a campaign, looking to introduce a new fundraising program, or aiming to accelerate the growth of your annual support, The Whelan Group can help you elevate your fundraising performance.

The campaign feasibility and readiness study is an essential first step before embarking on a major fundraising campaign. It is an opportunity to refine your fundraising goals and engage your key stakeholders and major gift donors. At the end of the process you will have: a clear vision of your organization’s sustainability over the next five years, an acute awareness of the capability building needs that will propel your fundraising vision, and a roadmap to execute your fundraising strategy.

We work collaboratively with a small working group, which typically includes key staff and board members, and we seek input from all key stakeholders throughout the engagement.

Once you decide to embark on a major campaign, we provide your organization with the ongoing strategic counsel and advice needed to ensure that the campaign stays on track and achieves its goals. We work with your development staff and voluntary leadership on all aspects of the campaign: from planning and capacity building, to early leadership and advanced gifts, and through to the public phase.

Whatever the size of your organization, a formalized development plan will help to guide your strategy, focus your efforts, and prioritize your activities. The main goal of the plan is to provide you with an overall strategy for your development efforts and the projected yield of each fundraising program. In order to ensure that your organization is well-positioned to execute the plan, The Whelan Group defines the capacity building measures needed to install the identified fundraising programs, especially in the areas of board and voluntary leadership, development staff, and fundraising technology and infrastructure.

If your organization is looking to implement an individual giving and major gift program, a planned gift program, or simply seeking to increase the yield of your annual giving program, The Whelan Group provides comprehensive services aimed at expanding your fundraising performance and helping you create larger and more balanced philanthropic support programs. Based on your goals and needs, we work with your team on program design and develop the plans to help with effective execution.

We support nonprofit organizations that seek to build dynamic and highly engaged Boards. We work with each nonprofit to implement a thoughtful Board Development Process and recruit Board candidates that are a good fit with the organization. We help nonprofits construct a current and projected board profile, which is calibrated to the ambition of their institutional plan and based on the leadership’s aspirations for the Board. We work with the leadership to develop and install best governance practices. We work with individual board members to help them understand their strategic, fiduciary and generative roles as stewards of the organization’s assets and drivers of the organization’s strategic vision. Importantly, we also work with nonprofit boards to help them better appreciate the critical leadership role they play through their own philanthropy as well as through their work to attract the support of others.

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As your organization prepares for a major fundraising initiative, a question about capacity will almost certainly arise: “Do you have the organizational capacity—the people, programs, systems, and technology—to support this significant fundraising effort?” Through our capacity building services, we assess your organization and help determine what areas can be improved, and we recommend specific enhancements. We are experienced in the many new and sophisticated tools that are now needed to build high performing fundraising programs. Working with partners, we are equipped to help you: blend digital with traditional case making platforms; scale up your Annual Fund program with a very personalized, gift-specific “ask” for each person on your database; bring state-of-the-art major gift prospect identification, prospect research and gift targeting capacities to your campaign; and revolutionize your ability to capture, track, solicit, acknowledge, steward and report on donors using the most advanced constituent management tools available on the market.

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