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“When there’s change, there’s opportunity.”

– Jack Welch

Since 1980, The Whelan Group has worked with more than 300 nonprofit organizations in the fields of EducationCommunity DevelopmentArts & CultureFaith-Based, and Social Services. By providing Strategic Planning, Campaign Management, Board Development, and Capacity Building services, we have helped our clients foster thoughtful strategic growth, strengthen their capital structures, and create long-term sustainability.

We Celebrate our clients’ success

Our clients gain a refined mission and vision, launch major new programs, re-build their financial resources, and cultivate new audiences/constituents. With our unique ability to design achievable growth strategies and revenue forecasts, our clients elevate their fundraising, and earned income performance and thus their ability to deliver mission-driven programs.

With our guidance, our clients have raised over $1 billion in direct charitable support. We have helped them to establish the ability to raise billions more.


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Arts & Culture
Community Development
Social Services

Municipal Art Society

By all measures over its long history, the Municipal Art Society (MAS) has been a cornerstone urban institution – an advocate for sensible planning, design, and preservation in this dynamic metropolis. In recent years, MAS made its voice heard - and power felt -...

Harlem Stage

In 2023, Harlem Stage (HS) will celebrate four decades of pioneering commitment to artists of color ... artists engaged in the full performing arts spectrum -- music, poetry, dance, theater and film. Much more than a theater space, Harlem Stage awards commissions for...

The Cooper Union

Founded by industrialist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union has always offered exceptionally talented men and women a tuition-free education through three rigorous programs – in fine art, in architecture and in engineering – without regard to race or religion. A...