The Social Impact Exchange is a community of funders, advisors, wealth managers, intermediaries, nonprofits and researchers interested in developing practices for funding and implementing large-scale expansions of high-impact nonprofit initiatives. The Exchange serves as a focal point and gathering place for those interested in further building the field of scaling social impact, and a platform that facilitates the efficient flow of capital to scalable social solutions.

The Exchange has three main functions: (a) Facilitate scaling Investment by building collaborative funder networks, and providing strategic clusters of well-vetted opportunities that together can achieve systems change and large scale impact on specific issues; (b) Develop and Communicate Knowledge, including research, investor information, training and education; (c) Build Field Infrastructure that enables a collective action marketplace to emerge, including communities of funders and other stakeholders that will learn together, map problems and solutions together, and nominate and co-fund complementary clusters of interventions that are going to scale within a systems change context.