The Whelan Group

Strategic Advisors to Nonprofits

For 40+ years, over 300 nonprofit clients have thrived with

The TWG Advantage

Greater clarity about mission and vision


Stronger programming supported by healthier balance sheets.

Enhanced capacity, strengthened voluntary leadership and governance

More than $1 billion raised in direct charitable support

Improved fundraising capacity to raise billions more

We see the whole organization

Our institution-building approach leads nonprofit organizations toward better results and lasting impact. We show our clients how to refine their strategic vision, launch major new programs, build their financial and governance resources, and engage new audiences.

Nonprofit Sectors & Services

Arts & Culture

In order to expand the cultural life of their communities and to broaden an appreciation of the life-changing experience embodied in true artistic expression, we have worked to strengthen a broad array of arts and cultural institutions, public gardens, historic sites and dynamic open space projects here in New York and in communities around the country.

Community Development

We have sought to support the transformation of inner city neighborhoods into strong, diverse and vibrant urban communities. We have done this by strengthening CDC’s and dozens of other nonprofits within the New York region and throughout the Eastern United States. Primarily, these organizations are engaged in developing affordable housing, managing transitional housing, orchestrating community economic development projects, and pursuing myriad other community revitalization strategies.


Our vision is to provide access to outstanding educational opportunities to all children, teens, and young adults but especially for those who come from disadvantaged family circumstances. We’ve worked with public, private and charter schools and colleges in New York and in urban communities around the country.


An important cornerstone of the human experience in contemporary society is the role churches and religious institutions play in our individual lives and in our communities. Some of these institutions have deep connections to their local community and some have missions that are national and international in scope. To help them to strengthen the spiritual life of individual congregants and to support their efforts to be present and responsive to the needs of the most vulnerable among us, we have worked with dozens of forward-thinking faith-based institutions and communities.

Social Services

As varied and complex as the communities where they are located, our social services clients work with a variety of populations – primarily women, children, teenagers, and young adults – who live very complicated lives. They are victims of abuse or abandonment, nearly or already homeless, people seeking to re-enter society after a period of incarceration, and people living with physical or psychiatric disabilities. While many of these organizations are focused on serving people in the New York region, others have a national or international reach.

At the Whelan Group, we show you the way forward through a comprehensive range of services, specially designed to help nonprofit organizations:

Strategic and Business Planning for Nonprofits

Fundraising Campaign Management

Nonprofit Board Development

Capacity Building for Nonprofit Organizations