Based in New York City, The LAMP, is an innovative nonprofit on the leading edge of education-based technology. The program serves at-risk and underserved populations that often lack access to media tools. The LAMP provides hands-on learning opportunities for students, parents, and educators and teaches them how to comprehend, create, and critique media.  One of the LAMP’s premier offerings, called MediaBreaker, is an online video editing tool that invites middle school, high school, and college students to engage and “talk back to” all types of media from commercials, political advertisements, music videos, and more. The tool is designed to strengthen not only their video editing skills but their critical thinking, and analytical skill as well. The LAMP engaged TWG to develop a business plan for MediaBreaker. Working closely with the executive director, the leadership team, and the board, TWG developed a five-year growth plan for the tool. The plan recommended a clear strategy and pathway for refining the online video editing technology and bringing MediaBreaker to scale as an innovative teaching and learning tool in public and private schools and nonprofit organizations throughout the country.