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An important cornerstone of the human experience in contemporary society is the role churches and religious institutions play in our individual lives and in our communities. Some of these institutions have deep connections to their local community and some have missions that are national and international in scope. To help them to strengthen the spiritual life of individual congregants and to support their efforts to be present and responsive to the needs of the most vulnerable among us, we have worked with dozens of forward-thinking faith-based institutions and communities.


Client Stories

Social Impact Exchange

Economist E.F. Schumacher left us with the message “small is beautiful.” But how many non-profits want small impact? The desire for mission impact animates The Social Impact Exchange. The SIE’s vision is “to create a marketplace of doers, funders, and experts that...

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Harlem Stage

In 2023, Harlem Stage (HS) will celebrate four decades of pioneering commitment to artists of color ... artists engaged in the full performing arts spectrum -- music, poetry, dance, theater and film. Much more than a theater space, Harlem Stage awards commissions for...

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The Cooper Union

Founded by industrialist Peter Cooper in 1859, The Cooper Union has always offered exceptionally talented men and women a tuition-free education through three rigorous programs – in fine art, in architecture and in engineering – without regard to race or religion. A...

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Griot Arts

Griot Arts is a youth development organization located in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. Its focus is clearing a path out of poverty through creative expression and the arts. A small but intensely dedicated non-profit with a faith-based approach, Griot Arts’ mission of “creativity, compassion, and intentional community” needed a rock solid growth strategy anchored in a well-conceived financial plan to ensure the non-profit’s effectiveness.

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Norton Museum of Art

West Palm Beach FL saw a small museum open its doors to the public in 1941. Founded originally by Ralph Norton to “preserve for the future the beautiful things of the past,” the Norton Museum of Art now paints outside those early lines. The Norton has a renowned permanent collection, remarkable permanent and special exhibitions, a dedication to curatorial excellence, and a creative approach to arts education. It has fulfilled its ambitious early vision. It is now one of the most active, serious, and engaging cultural institutions in Florida and throughout the South.

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