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“When there’s change, there’s opportunity.”

– Jack Welch

Since 1980, The Whelan Group has worked with more than 300 nonprofit organizations in the fields of EducationCommunity DevelopmentArts & CultureFaith-Based, and Social Services. By providing Strategic Planning, Campaign Management, Board Development, and Capacity Building services, we have helped our clients foster thoughtful strategic growth, strengthen their capital structures, and create long-term sustainability.

We Celebrate our clients’ success

Our clients gain a refined mission and vision, launch major new programs, re-build their financial resources, and cultivate new audiences/constituents. With our unique ability to design achievable growth strategies and revenue forecasts, our clients elevate their fundraising, and earned income performance and thus their ability to deliver mission-driven programs.

With our guidance, our clients have raised over $1 billion in direct charitable support. We have helped them to establish the ability to raise billions more.


Client Stories

Children’s Aid Society

Children’s Aid (CA) has served New York’s families, children and teens in high-need neighborhoods for nearly 170 years. Its innovative work as a “powerhouse of solutions” has made it one of the largest, most influential, and successful child welfare organizations in the country. Public acclaim for its work remains unabated. In 2017, Children’s Aid was recognized – twice – for its impact: the prestigious Robin Hood Heroes Award and a Nonprofit Excellence Award (Gold Medal) from New York Community Trust.

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